The new province of Western Byelorussia has as its chief town, Bialystok. A Velasquez painting of an Infanta has been removed from the Prado Art Gallery during the early days of the Franco Rebellion, and is on show in a Paris Museum. She yearns for Madrid. She remembers two lads who had come to see her. One had cried “Death to the tyrants.”The acting was rhetorical, and each player worked for his own effects. The mother was not a real person, with tremendous internal conflicts, but just a romantic figure of a heroic woman or a woman-heroine. Latvia and Lithuania fared less well. In the latter there are now, since she entered the Union, several theatres; in the days of her ‘independence’ she had only two, and of meagre standard. The Ukrainian language and literature were stifled and pride in the national past discouraged.