The Maly Theatre was founded in 1824. The fact that the Maly has been directed for the past five years or so by a man of the name of Hohlov may mean very little to the history of the Soviet Theatre in those years. Lenin approved of it. It is Stalin’s favourite theatre. The Alexandrinsky Theatre at St. Petersburg was founded in the same year as the Maly at Moscow; but it had no Gogol and no Ostrovsky. The Maly and the Alexandrinsky Theatres have often been compared with Drury Lane and Covent Garden in the eighteenth and part of the nineteenth centuries; and so, if people except our classical stage’s fondness for tinsel and tiffany, perhaps they may be. The work done by the Moscow Art Theatre on Chehov, and on Gorky, three of whose plays they had produced before the Revolution, was their bearing; but on no new course.