The Aranyi family had no interest in spiritualist séances. In Hungary people who had, they thought cranks or crazy. True, one of the priestly uncles had dabbled a little, but had given up under threat of excommunication. True also that Madame d’Aranyi had further premonitions beyond what authors have told of. But second sight about deaths is not uncommon, as Scots folk know. In February or March 1933, Jelly was staying with friends at Eastbourne after a concert. In the evening they were asking ‘questions’ which Jelly thought silly, about the rise and fall of stocks. Suddenly the glass spelt out ‘Adila is playing beautifully at this moment’: which Jelly thought even sillier, because she had left Adila in London for an afternoon concert there and she never made mistakes about what people she loved were doing.