If the opening chapters have been laying the groundwork for the book as a whole, this chapter is when the truly practical advice begins to flow. It discusses the need to build a varied career rather than a linear one but acknowledges the fact that to build this kind of career, risks will need to be taken. As such, the author offers solutions for how to get more comfortable with taking risks, and how to cope better with failure if a risk doesn’t appear to pay off. (For the latter the authors draws on advice from Tchiki Davis, Ph.D., psychologist, author, and founder of The Berkeley Well-Being Institute.) The chapter then addresses the fact that, in order to succeed in any career, working effectively with others will be required. A discussion duly follows on how to navigate workplace politics effectively. Addressing the other side of the coin, the chapter concludes with how to be outstanding at interacting with colleagues and provides specific advice on asking good questions.