Reading and writing share many of the same complex cognitive processes. These similarities are discussed as well as the differences between reading and wiring. This chapter outlines the stages of writing for both native English speakers and English learners. A wide variety of activities for writing narrative, informational, and persuasive pieces are aligned with the Common Core State Standards. The chapter shares tools for students to use as they learn to cite references, build logical arguments, and create multimodal presentations.

Various activities teachers can use for each step of the writing process (research, draft, revise, edit, and publish) are explained. Also explained are the 6 + 1 Traits that focus on content, organization, word choice, voice, sentence fluency, conventions, and presentation. The “Intervention” section describes a variety of activities to develop all these skills. The “Assessment” section describes the formal and informal instruments used to monitor students’ writing development. “Technology” lists additional websites and apps teachers can use to develop students’ writing skills. The chapter begins and ends with two different classroom scenarios with guiding and reflective questions that can be used for classroom discussions.