This chapter examines the five components of the reading event. The first component is the teacher. Since a teachers’ attitude and expertise affect student achievement, they must be knowledgeable literacy teachers who have the attitude that all students can achieve their potential when challenged and encouraged. A teacher’s ability to motivate and engage all students is key to being an effective teacher. Students are the second component. When reading independently, students should be given a choice of texts, the third component, that are on their independent reading level. Students must know how to access traditional and digital texts at their reading level. They should have access to texts that reflect their culture and home life. The fourth component is context, which is the climate of the classroom. The classroom environment must be risk free, where learning is enjoyable and challenging. The classroom should have quiet spaces to read and write. Finally, the fifth component is task. Students need to be given tasks that are attainable and challenging. There should be tasks in which students can collaborate and learn from one another.