There are many great leaders in your hometown and in your state. Brainstorm a list of people in your area that you believe are great leaders and describe why you believe each is a leader. Send that person an e-mail expressing what you admire about his or her leadership ability and how much you appreciate his or her influence. Ask if you can conduct an interview to learn more about how that person became a strong leader. You may conduct the interview via e-mail or in person. You may want to use some of these questions below:

★ When did you first realize you were able to positively influence other people?

★ During your childhood, what did your parents do that may have influenced your ability to lead?

★ What experiences did you have as a child, teenager, or young adult that impacted your ability to lead?

★ Who are the great leaders that have inspired you and why?

★ What are your favorite books or authors that help you learn more about leadership?