Clever and Smart are living on their own and discovering all the trials of balancing their income and expenses and managing everyday tasks like doing the laundry and planning transportation. Luckily, many of these decisions are made easier by using mathematics. Help them stretch their hard-earned dollars to make ends meet. Determine how much money it would cost to rent the furniture for three years and then own it, and how much it would cost to buy it right away. Smart takes the bus to work. Unfortunately, he forgets his lunch at home. Clever grabs the lunch and drives after the bus. The bus has a 15-minute head start and is traveling at an average rate of 40 mph. Clever and Smart do 24 loads of laundry a month. Colored clothes make up 50% of the loads. The remaining loads are permanent press and delicate fabrics. Delicate fabrics make up 12.5% of the laundry.