Clever and Smart want to upgrade their current conveyor belt system. To do this, they need to figure out how much belt material they need. The system sits on a 3-foot-high platform and moves cargo to the second floor, 12 feet above the ground floor. The platform that the conveyor system sits on is 15 feet long. The belt forms one continuous loop. Clever and Smart are selecting tire sizes for their car. They cannot decide whether to install 13-inch or 14-inch diameter tires. The circumference determines how many times the wheel turns in a mile. Clever and Smart want to see a chart comparing the diameters of the two tires, their circumferences, and the number of rotations per mile. The sheet can be used to make a water tank that is 8.5 feet tall with an 11-foot circumference or it can make a tank 11 feet tall with an 8.5-foot circumference.