In June of 1943, Noor was given the cover name Nora Baker and was flown during the night to Nazi-occupied France. Her assignment was to join the Prosper radio operator’s network. She would send and receive coded messages from the Allies in Britain. The messages would tell of Nazi troop movements and arms information. Noor moved from house to house setting up her radio and transmitting coded messages. She was the only radio operator able to give the Allies any information about the Nazi movements in Paris. Noor and three other female British agents were executed in Dachau. When additional officers arrived, they found that the arresting officer was bleeding heavily from the wounds Noor had inflicted. Every Bastille Day (July 14), a French military band plays outside the childhood home of Princess Noor Inayat Kahn to honor the courage of this gentle woman who turned out to be one of the toughest agents of the SEO.