Dr. Lytle Adams was a dentist with an idea for a topsecret weapon: a bat bomb. As a patriotic American, Dr. Adams wanted to help in the fight against the Japanese. He observed that buildings in 1940s Japan were often made of paper, bamboo, and wood. A special bat carrier was made to hold the animals as they were being transported by airplane. The bat carriers looked like a bomb casing and had compartments for 40 bats. The plan was to drop the bat bombs from 5,000 feet. The military believed that 10 B-24 bombers could fly from Alaska and drop more than a million bat bombs on the industrial cities of Japan. Dr. Adams always believed that the bat bombs would have been effective without all of the devastation brought about with the radiation poisoning from the atomic bomb. The atomic bomb was dropped over Hiroshima on August 6,1945.