In this chapter, the authors consider the talents, skills, character, and other strengths that are frequently seen in autistic people. The authors describe seven areas in which autistic people show substantial strengths. These include: (1) sensory differences; (2) cognition – including attention to and memory for detailed information, facility making associations, a narrow and intense focus of attention, less distractibility, systemizing, and logically reasoning through problems; (3) intense interests with a deep desire to learn, an intensity of focus, and the energy and memory to develop an encyclopedic understanding of a topic through intense, self-directed study; (4) consistency; (5) social communication skills including a direct, straightforward, and honest communication style, a strong sense of integrity, less susceptibility to peer pressure, accepting of difference, and keen attunement to the emotions of others; (6) a sense of humor that can involve wordplay or irreverence; and (7) resilience and perseverance that can best be understood as grit. These strengths show the positive side of autistic traits. These traits allow autistic people to contribute to society and the world in unique and valuable ways.