Chapter 5 turns to the second school of Russian realist thinking. Realist Westernizers stress the importance of relations with Western powers in the interests of Russia's security and preservation of status. While proceeding from the independence of Russia as a great power with distinct national interests and priorities, realist Westernizers argue for the establishment of a concert-based arrangement with the participation of Western nations as the optimal for Russia. This school's vision has roots not only in nationally established values of a powerful, sovereign state but also in a historical experience of securing peace in Europe jointly with other major states. Like Global Balancers, the last several centuries' developments have had a special influence on Realist Westernizer. The school remains visible in Russian International Relations (IR) discussions and continues to make a case for future improved relations with Western, especially European powers. The chapter reviews arguments by contemporary Realist Westernizers in favor of Russia serving as an “enlightened” power in Eurasia, building a pluralist global community, and special relations with European nations. As an illustration of this school's way of thinking, I offer an analysis of views held by the highly visible IR theorist and expert Alexei Bogaturov.