the journal observed that “in some respects, labor progressivism found a strange leader in John L. Lewis, whose earlier Republican affiliations, ruthless crushing of opposition in his own miners’ group, and late emergence as a ‘liberal’ have occasioned surprise to those familiar with his career.” The journal made much of the increase in the ranks of classroom teachers since the Civil War and that teachers constituted a potential monolithic bloc. Forrest Allen, a former newspaper reporter, took exception to the journal’s view that public ownership of the press would usher in the new social order. Eager to give advice, the journal chose to ignore not only Allen, Gideonese, and Rodman’s comments but as well a future editor of the journal itself, George Hartman. Isaac Kandel, a colleague of Counts at Teachers College but not on the journal, criticized the social reconstructionists for their focus on the schools as a denial of historical evidence and common sense.