William Tusher even extended feelers out to the ACLU for assistance. Meanwhile, the board acted: summonses were issued to the striking parents. Representing the Bronx parents as president of the Eastchester Neighborhood Association, William Tusher called for Mayor La Guardia’s intervention in the dispute and recommended that instead of busing the students that a new annex be built adjacent to PS 97. Continuing the resistance, William Tusher wired Mayor La Guardia that “close to 100 children are in driving rain in front of PS 97 waiting for admission to their classrooms. the strike had taken its toll of parents and children. At a meeting of the Eastchester Neighborhood Association, the group reluctantly voted to send the remaining eight children to the new school. Echoing a similar point on rural schools, the New Jersey State Planning Board indicted the “little red school house” as uneconomical and inefficient.