In the Soviet Union the name of Stalin has long been ranged with those of Marx, Engels and Lenin as an authoritative source, or at any rate an authoritative interpreter, of Bolshevik doctrine; and a collected edition of his works, now in course of publication in Moscow, was therefore overdue. It is being issued under the auspices of the Marx-Engels-Lenin Institute and will be complete in sixteen volumes, the last being devoted to his war-time speeches. The first volume covers the period 1901-1907, when Stalin — not yet generally known by this name —was an active revolutionary organizer in the Caucasus in the intervals of imprisonment and exile to Siberia. Most of the articles it contains were originally published in Georgian in fugitive underground periodicals and are now made accessible for the first time to the Russian reader. The editor explains that not all of Stalin’s writings of this period have even now been re-discovered.