There are few things that would be as unmitigated blessing to humanity than for totalitarianism to be of merely historical interest – a horrible civilizational “wrong turn” with little contemporary or future relevance. Despite the destruction of the Axis totalitarian regimes by 1945 and the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, at least one obviously total-itarian regime still exists: North Korea, although some observers might include other regimes as well. An encouraging element about a regime like North Korea is that it is small and limited in their ability to expand. Unlike places such as North Korea, China does present a greater potential threat in three ways. First, China is a much larger and more powerful country. With a population estimated at nearly 1.5 billion people and a highly developed military, the PRC is a notable geopolitical force. There is often a connection, both in our minds as well as in reality, between totalitarianism and advanced forms of technology.