Early in the semester but after the faculty leader has determined the sites to be served and these have been solidified, a liaison from each site is invited to the campus to describe their institution to the class of students. At this campus orientation the liaison explains the nature of the site and its constituents after which students ask questions; from this exchange student teams are established, which will serve each individual site. Included in this chapter are preparations the faculty leader makes to ensure everything needed can be covered in a single organizing session, including the information the liaison presentations should include, and the logistics of how students sign up for the site(s) of their choice. The chapter includes a sample Master Chart, which when filled out with site address, liaison, student names and all contact information becomes the “bible” for the forthcoming ten-week series of workshops. An on-site orientation is described, the dates arranged for after student teams are set, conducted by an official who will apprise students of site regulations and their responsibilities to meet them.