This chapter describes the psychological, emotional, spiritual, and behavioral consequences of the global climate mega-emergency for individuals, communities, and society if expanded methods are not rapidly instituted to prevent and heal them. It begins by providing a likely picture of the harmful impacts of climate overshoot in 2050 on mental health and psycho-social-spiritual well-being under a business-as-usual scenario. An alternative positive vision is then offered if community-based, population-level, culturally accountable mental wellness and transformational resilience building initiatives are quickly launched throughout industrialized nations and worldwide. The chapter goes on to describe the nature of individual, community, and societal distresses and traumas, as well as the historic and intergenerational traumas that contribute to them. It concludes by underscoring the need to get in front of the impending tsunami of distresses and traumas by launching community-based initiatives that use a public health approach to strengthen the entire populations capacity for mental wellness and transformational resilience.