Since, the environmental issue has gained universal currency, its acute state in India cannot be ignored. Here also the green dimension of politics has emerged as a significant policy concern both at the national and international level. The different sections of Chapter 2 deals with the following issues: • Environmental and climate change induced resource scarcity, loss of biodiversity, extreme weather events, sea level rise and the resultant behavioural strategy choice of migration are real threats to multi-dimensional security concerns for India requiring political attention. • The politico-socio and economic dimensions of Environmental issues in India and their repercussions at all levels. They reduce the economic opportunities of the country, destroy social cohesion and instigate political instability; • The country is facing the dilemma between environmental protection and economic growth. This issue basically highlights the fault-line between the need for ecological preservation for a country like India and her aspiration for development. • As an emerging global power, India while does not want any disruption in her development prospects for securing her goal of achieving economic growth, the present global scenario also demands her to take a leadership role in the ongoing climate bargains.