Social and a prominent section of the mainstream media are working together to create aggressive forms of Hindu–Muslim divide and a fragile, hypersensitive ethnic sentiment. Tweet and response from Sayani Ghosh went quite far and Tathagata Roy lodged a police complaint with reference to Sayani Ghosh’s old tweet in which the popular HIV-AIDS awareness cartoon character Bula di is shown as making a Shiva Linga wear a condom. Aninda Chattopadhyay is the lead singer of popular Bangla Band Chandrabindu and has been successful with his film direction in the recent past. Even after a heavy election defeat to the BJP in 2021, it is notable to see that the assembly of the state will now have government and opposition, both of whom use cultural and religious apparatus in their politics and governance. Everyday vigilantism should be seen as a form of governmentality. It occupies an unclear position in addressing the dialectics of state and people in governance.