The authors’ final thoughts on the study are divided into two main sections. The first section, Key Findings, summarizes salient and other interesting discoveries derived primarily from the cumulative interview data results. Technology was the most dominant of 16 identified themes. The third most prevalent theme was benefits of DE; its most discussed sub-theme was social justice. None of these were overtly tied to research questions.

The second chapter section, Conclusion, begins by pointing out the key implications of this study for policymakers, administrators, educators, historians, researchers, writers, and students who are interested in DE and online learning. Findings confirm that female pioneers are not adequately represented in the literature. Possible reasons include cultural norms, gender-related self-promotion and citation patterns, and the Matilda effect. This discovery has gender equality and leadership implications that may require not only institutional-level restructuring but also a comprehensive overhaul of the foundations upon which our field is built. The dominion of technology in study findings establishes that it is also imperative for stakeholders to recognize the primary role that technology has played, and continues to play, in advancing the growth, expansion, and value of distance and online learning. The chapter closes with recommendations for further research.