This chapter begins with the intention of examining a particular relationship between personal writing, the name and the signature. Access to education is what permits writing and it is only through writing their illegitimacy and having the texts published that the proclamation of delegitimation and the resultant signature become a possibility for social outcasts. We have seen the dichotomy of the classical myths. On the one hand the divine child, the saviour, the founder of cities; on the other the exile, revengeful, criminal, spurned and spurning, against whom every man’s hand is turned. In the case of the delegitimation that works by the proclamation of bastardy, either real or assumed, public reception is also intensified and influenced by mythologisation. The distortion in social records produced by the official inscription of legitimate genealogies is paralleled by the psychological distortion produced by the many endeavours to universalise the Oedipus complex beyond the period and the gender to which it belongs.