This chapter introduces the main themes of Citizenship Education in a Divided Society: Lessons from Curricula and Practice in Northern Ireland. This book takes a close at one education initiative, Local and Global Citizenship (LGC) in Northern Ireland, to understand the larger challenges and possibilities for teaching for citizenship in divided and postconflict societies. Schools in Northern Ireland are divided along religious lines that reflect the deep social divisions. LGC was implemented in 2007 with robust support from all sides. Although it continues to be taught in schools, it has not lived up to its promises. Three questions frame the overall book: 1) How have educators attempted to educate young people to live together in a democratic society if they do not learn together in school?; 2) Why LGC has faltered?; and 3) What is the future for LGC and citizenship education in divided societies? This chapter also reviews the data and methods, and overviews the following chapters.