We all learn from our mistakes. Through this chapter, we share the mistakes we made, difficulties we faced, and the problems and pitfalls we encountered while developing thematic unit plans. The primary goal of this chapter is to help busy teachers avoid some of the problems and pitfalls we encountered. We learned first-hand the importance of thoroughly knowing the content of the themes of our unit plans. Armed with knowledge, we were able to plan rigorous unit plans that could be adapted for any grade level. We describe problems for finding and using multisensory materials emphasized in each chapter along with ways to solve them. Readers will learn that problems and pitfalls are inevitable when developing STEAM thematic unit plans for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics, but can be overcome through collaboration. To make this chapter easy to follow, we addressed the problems and pitfalls we encountered for each step of planning. The Online Reference at the end of this chapter is accompanied by a QR code that will easily enable readers to access the original and revised versions of Bloom's Taxonomy.