Chapter 3 focuses on teaching vocabulary essential for communication and learning for students in kindergarten through grade 6. It includes information on the average number of words students learn in a year, 3,000, and the number of words teachers should explicitly teach in a school year, 290–460. Because student populations are becoming more diverse, this chapter includes the use of cognates as a way to bridge differences in languages. There are 32 activities on ways to teach academic vocabulary for STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics through the five senses of visual, auditory, tactile/kinesthetic, smell, and taste. The activities show multiple methods for teachers to aid student learning through explicit instruction, informal instruction, and incidental encounters with words. Teachers will find activities that emphasize words with Latin and Greek prefixes and suffixes that comprise over 60% of the words used in science and technology. Other activities include ways to use inflectional and derivational morphemes to change the grammatical function of the word or its meaning.