This chapter includes five unit plans, one for each of the STEAM content areas: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. The five plans on rabbits and hares focus on sensory-rich activities that promote interest and academic learning through instruction, exploration, inquiry, and discovery. Each unit plan contains nine steps: Become an Expert; Essential Questions; Objectives; Vocabulary; Materials and Resources; Set, Procedures, and Closure; Formative and Summative Assessment; Extend Learning; and a Sensory Checklist. Online References contain QR codes which can be optically used to access the websites at the end of each unit plan. Readers can break down the unit plans into daily lesson plans. Through science, readers will find ways to teach about the anatomical differences between rabbits and hares and use Newton's laws of motion to analyze the forces applied when rabbits and hares move including consideration of potential and kinetic energy and applied and gravitational forces. Through technology, readers will experiment with keyword searches and ways to construct tables, graphs, and spreadsheets to represent information on rabbits and hares. Through engineering, students will learn the processes of designing, creating, and building anatomical models of rabbits and hares. Through art, students analyze and dramatize movements of rabbits and hares. Through mathematics, students will learn to use measurement and data using the metric and English systems.