Turner had heard of Evans’s mission and pointed out that, even if the Welshman failed to find Welsh Indians, he might find a great deal more. The consequence would have surprised Wilham Jones Llangadfan; the Spaniards took over John’s enterprise as an official Spanish mission. In 1794, Glamorgan’s launched his Missouri company with vaulting ambitions of the Pacific dominion; the slow and sedate merchants of St Louis, following the lead of their patrons in the Chouteau family, recoiled in the alarm, and there were only nine shareholders. Wilkinson had blithely responded to his habitual toast to the British Jacobin martyrs condemned to Botany Bay with a promise to go and hang the judges who’d condemned them, but had warned that the 5,000 families would migrate from Kentucky as soon as a land office had been opened on the Ohio side.