Many resources on digital exhibits emphasize the more practical issues that will be covered here to the detriment of the thematic and theoretical issues covered in previous chapters. Perhaps the most common question that potential exhibit creators ask is “What software should I use?” Although this is a natural place to want to start, it can present something of a moving target since software platforms come and go. The software you select should meet the demands of your exhibit instead of requiring you to bend to meet the requirements of the software. Your software selection should address issues of content display, audience expectations and engagement, and internal organizational requirements. This is a thorny question with few ready-made answers. To help structure your response to this question, instead of describing the ins and outs of specific platforms this chapter will address the main types of exhibit software (object-oriented vs. information-oriented) and how they address these deeper questions. Likewise, the exhibit software selected will also affect the interface design of your exhibit. The issues of software selection and configuration are intertwined, so these issues will be addressed iteratively, along with a brief overview of metadata concerns.