This chapter starts with the most important group of R2P advocates – staff members of selected R2P centers, including the Global Center for R2P, the International Coalition for R2P, the Asia-Pacific Center for R2P and the more recently established European Center for R2P. All four share a status of nongovernmental organizations while, respectively, they have developed a different profile in relation to governments and civil society. Together with other partner institutions, they will be conceptualized as the knowledge and advocacy networks. The chapter shows how the line between knowledge and advocacy blurs because of institutions with hybrid identities, and – even more importantly – due to individual staff members with multiple types of professional experiences, or even multiple positions at one particular time. While scholars have adopted a clearly normative standpoint and have advocated for R2P through academic papers, activists calling themselves “research analysts” have conducted assessments of specific crises in both academic and nonacademic publications.