The Swedish company AstraZeneca was the twelfth largest pharmaceutical conglomerate in the world in 2020. The Upjohn Company no longer exists as a separate entity. The companies are the victor and the victim in the mergers & acquisitions feeding frenzy that characterizes the global pharmaceutical industry. This chapter traces the companies from their inception to the present day. Whereas the Upjohn Company had deep roots in one family and location, AstraZeneca has broad branches and extensive sales and distribution networks. It notes the products they developed, the strategies they used to grow their businesses, and the impact they have had through their various for-profit and non-profit organizations. This chapter includes a head-to-head comparison of AstraZeneca and the Upjohn Company in four areas: Business, philanthropy, personal lives of the founders, and legacy. And it points out where each company illustrates the distinctives of the tandem hybrid social enterprise and offers takeaways for entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs.