This chapters looks at what motivates entrepreneurs to start new for-profit and non-profit organizations. Chief among the reasons are money and mission. When money is the motive, the question is, how much is enough? When mission is the reason, the question is, what inspires you? Social entrepreneurs are mission-driven. Some know the specific problem they want to tackle while others just want to do good in the world. This chapter asks and answers four questions that can help social entrepreneurs explore, identify, and confirm their mission match: What do you care about? What experience do you have? What are you good at? What does the world need? Scott Boyer shares his journey from successful businessman to social entrepreneur. He shares what motivated him to start OWP Pharmaceuticals and the ROW Foundation in 2014 and why he chose the tandem hybrid social enterprise model as the best means to fight the medical injustice that negatively impacts epilepsy patients in under-resourced parts of the world.