The success of innovation in driving sustainable growth in a business begins and ends at the top. Young adults entering the world of work, who had grown up on daily stories in the media of mega-wealthy Chinese entrepreneurs, like Jack Ma of Ali Baba and Wang Jianlin of the Wanda Group, and raised during China’s one child policy. Fortunately, for someone used to leading a globally distributed team, like myself and many of my colleagues, the practicalities of dealing with this new world of work were such a big change, as we had already routinely been working through Zoom, Microsoft Teams or online meeting and collaboration platforms for many years as a normal part of our jobs. TTIP Global is a unique management consulting group that helps innovative science, technology engineering companies scale, grow. TTIP works across numerous industrial sectors, from Cleantech, HardTech to heavy industry, has boots on the ground in 13 of the top 15 global economies.