This chapter investigates the crisis dynamics and war-fighting strategies between India and Pakistan covering the time from 2016 to 2020. Recent crises such as terrorists’ attacks on an Indian military base in Pathankot and Uri led to the implementation of offensive doctrines such as the Joint Doctrine of the Indian Armed Forces and the Land Warfare Doctrine. Manifestation of the JDIAF-2017 and LWD-2018 as supplementary doctrines to CSD prepared India strategically for the launch of punitive surgical strikes inside Pakistani territory during Pulwama/Balakot crisis. India's surgical strikes stratagem and later scraping of its constitutional articles 370 and 35A on Kashmir have further complicated regional strategic settings. This chapter thus answers the questions i.e., how recent crises such as Pathankot, Uri and Pulwama/Balakot impacted the conflict dynamics?How India's manifestation of its offensive doctrines and surgical strike stratagem changed the patterns of warfare between India and Pakistan. How does a change in the status of Kashmir result in a crisis of trust and a suspended peace process between the two states?