Disruptive technologies or artificial intelligence–enabled lethal autonomous weapons are being developed by major powers for their military advantage. Disruptive technologies or AI-enabled weapon systems change the status quo to their advantage once deployed on the battlefield. Military applications of AI in weapons systems such as in early warning, decision support, command and control and intelligence-analysis systems have the potential to urge escalatory actions, or even pre-emptive attacks thereby increasing the risk factors for nuclear stability. India and Pakistan, two nuclear possessor states, seem to have not lagged in this race. Disruptive technologies or AI-enabled lethal autonomous weapons include hypersonic weapons, drones, space-based technologies and cyber technologies that have undoubtedly altered the battlefield thereby impacting the deterrence stability of South Asia. This chapter investigates how the development of disruptive technologies will gain direct/indirect future military control, hence challenging the existing status quo and deterrence stability between India and Pakistan.