The chapter focuses on the response to the crisis of demoliberal hegemony. It includes not only a reconstruction of the transformations of constitutional discourses in Central and Eastern Europe to date, but also typological scenarios for potential changes and transformations of these discourses. The possible scenarios are grouped into three categories. The first, predicted by liberals, implies the transformation of illiberal constitutionalism into authoritarian constitutionalism. The second assumes the return of liberal hegemony in a new, more hard-line (hysterical) and exclusionary version. This would involve the displacement of illiberalism and the strengthening of disciplinary mechanisms to prevent the weakening of the dominant ideology. The third assumes the realization of a version of agonism theorized by Chantal Mouffe and Ernesto Laclau. Agonistic constitutionalism would be based on an ongoing struggle between competing constitutional discourses (for influence in the courts and universities) on the assumption that a real change of power remains possible.