WBY had arrived at Coole from Dublin the day before; he had been in Dublin for a week, having come there from Paris by way of London, where he spent just two days. From 4 Jul., WBY was working concertedly on his play The Player Queen. After the poem's publication on 11 Jul., WBY set it aside: in Sep. 1909, however, he returned to it when entering in his Journal the ‘Cor-rected version of a poem written a year ago’. ‘His Dream’ marks the end of this dry spell (though WBY had in other ways been far from idle during that period), but it coincides also with major changes in his personal life, and in particular changes in his relationship with MG. nd it was not any prospect of occult reconciliation with MacGregor Mathers that drew WBY back to Paris for a week from 17 to 23 Jun.