Date of composition. There is no firm evidence to provide a date of composition for this poem. However, a likely time for the piece to have been written is in Aug. 1910, when WBY was working steadily at Coole. It is likely also that the copy for GH10 went to ECY at Cuala Press before the end of that month. GH10 was published by the Cuala Press on 23 Nov. 1910, but was in production throughout Sep. Although WBY had written to ECY on 1 Jul. 1910 that ‘I will let you have MSS in a few days and let you know when you can publish’ (CL 5, 837), a number of the poems that appeared in GH10 had still not been written or finished at this time. ECY told SMY on 19 Jul. that ‘Willy's next book’ would feature ‘almost 14 new lyrics’: in the event, there were nineteen poems in the volume. In the colophon to the book, ECY wrote that its production was ‘finished on the last day of September, in the year nineteen hundred and ten’ (though WBY was able to send MG a copy by 27 Sep., when she wrote him a letter of thanks).