Much recent media attention has focused on exposing the links between Mexican avocado production and the drug cartels. While gangs, guns, and drugs make for a sensational and attention-grabbing story, the reality is more complex. Firstly, this is a problem solely and specifically to Michoacán. Avocado production is not linked to narcotics in any other area of the world. Secondly, the roots between the cartels and the avocado producers in Mexico (specifically in Michoacán) are much deeper than the media reports convey. While it is true that the violence and intimidation has taken on a new form in recent years, the reality is that the cartels have their fingers in every corner of the Mexican economy. Today, it is nearly impossible to purchase a product from Mexico that does not (at least in some way) tie back to narcos – avocados are no different. Thirdly, the long relationship between the farming communities of Michoacán and the various cartels that have controlled the area require deeper examination. When considering the links between narcos and avocados, it is not as straightforward as media reports might imply.