Avocados have been carefully marketed through the 20th century to shift appeal away from traditional Latinx populations towards affluent White consumers. This campaign originated at the hands of the California Avocado Association that used the techniques of Hollywood studios to maximise the appeal of the fruit. They changed the name and removed the Mexican associations to make it more desirable to a white, middle-class American audience. This campaign to actively market the fruit and cultivate a specific and appealing image has continued. Recognising the growing desire for health, they used the nutritional attributes of the fruit to make it appeal to women watching their weight. In the 1980s to combat declining sales, they launched a new campaign to connect the fruit with glamour and with football. The connection made the Superbowl the biggest day for avocado consumption by encouraging sports fans to eat guacamole. The pinnacle of this marketing campaign is the Millennial myth of avocado toast and the fruit coming to represent the entire generation.