Bank nationalization was also done to include smaller producers and farmers in the financial system and increase the production of food. The success of the Green Revolution was based on introduction of new seeds, fertilisers, pesticides, and credit in agriculture. Credit expansion and inputs of Green Revolution went to the land owning class. Nationalization of natural resources like coal, coking coal; smaller shipping enterprises, gold and copper mining, and 46 textile mills followed. Earlier, a single holding company would control steel and associated industries. To protect her government’s progressive legislations, she appointed a like minded chief justice revoking the earlier practice of promoting the seniormost judges to the position. Indira Gandhi spoke of persuasion, legislation as a tool of restructuring social and economic relations in favour of greater social justice but in the absence of adequate number of like minded influential people who could help her do the persuasion, she had to rely essentially on legislation in the early 1970s.