It is time to step away from the ideas that leadership and managers require distance and must be separate from an organization to see the “bigger picture.” To implement major change projects, there needs to be consensus between owners, the board, and the executive management. Managers must be part of a change process and able to lead and empower so that any positive change can be impactful and lasting while ensuring that the direction and overall vision of change is fulfilled. Having a diversified leadership allows for ample oversight and guidance throughout a change process and helps to ensure that understanding of the new path is transmitted throughout an organization. By examining the role of managers in the process of business model innovation, it allows for exploration of what it means to identify new and emerging situations, how to clarify the business model using open and present communication, how to energize a work force by leading through others and explore the Three-Step Management to create lasting change. The different roles for the leaders enable a greater focus with a clear leader’s eye, a leadership that secures and develops resources and influences through ambassadors who can show and support directly with good examples. These factors encourage leaders to see their role in a new and exciting paradigm.