A business is more than the people who work in it and the products they produce; it is all the things that make production possible, and this is the opportunity to fully understand what to look for when considering the structure of the business. The way an organization develops its structure is an organic process that over time fades into the background but in successful business model innovation it is brought to the fore to be examined. Focus is given to what exists in the infrastructure that provides security and support, how knowledge is anchored with the leadership, understanding the variables for speed, and how the processes of the organization evolved from the beginning and lead to decision support throughout the process of change and the running of the day-to-day business. By weighing together three perspectives in structure perplexity (variables, strategy, and HR), the opportunities to control the speed of change improve and thus the success of the change increases. The importance of having the heritage of a company understood and having the structure of a company made evident through a change process is a new frontier in fundamentally producing exciting new trajectories for businesses.