The concept Business Innovation Adventure is not a framework that is meant to be passive or that strives to dictate a series of steps that hopefully lead to change. It provides an entirely new and revolutionary way of seeing how truly multidimensional the process of change can be, and indeed, how personal it is to each individual organization by using a brand-new concept and framework in business model innovation. It focuses on trimming strategies as part of making early changes in the existing business model and takes care of the logical building of deliveries. This is not one-size-fits-all nor is it a prescription; it puts the power for change directly into the hands of the leaders and management who will dare to be bold and look toward a new way forward to produce positive and lasting change for businesses on local or international levels. By engaging in this dynamic new way of structuring the drivers of change, it will give companies the opportunity to redirect strategies toward new potential in areas of development and new positions to attract new customers, leading to infinite growth possibilities.