This chapter provides an organized sorting of jurisdictional and other approaches to governing forest climate solutions. Adopting the nationally determined contribution (NDC) framework by the Paris Agreement (PA) has made what we learned under the Kyoto Protocol (KP) no longer adequate. Moreover, compared to the KP’s project orientation, the NDC architecture creates a foundation for jurisdictional approaches. As a result, it has become vital to harmonize our past experience and lessons with the changed landscape of climate governance regarding emission reduction by sources and removal by sinks. The chapter draws on the recent literature to consider: (1) the differences between the project orientation of the KP and the jurisdiction architecture of the PA as displayed in their different baselines, financing mechanisms, and mitigation potentials; (2) the comparative advantages of jurisdictional approaches as manifested in the compatibility of the PA’s carbon accounting requirements, the essential capacity of measurement, and monitoring, reporting, and verification, and the alleviation of entry barriers and costs; and (3) the ways to implement jurisdictional approaches while avoiding their shortcomings.