Session 1 – What is the Understanding Brain Injury Group?

Information about each of the participants must be known before the start of the group (what happened, which hospital did they go to, details about family, jobs and hobbies). This is needed to complete the ‘My Brain Injury Timeline’ section in session 1.

Basic orientation should be completed at the beginning of each session. At the start of session 1, participants will need to be introduced to each other and to the idea that they are going to learn about brain injury. Worksheets for session 1 to be handed out along with the explanation that they will receive a worksheet each session, which will make up the entire workbook.

Group rules need to be created by all of the participants together; ideas for rules are included on the worksheets. After this, the prevalence of brain injury within the UK should be discussed, followed by working on the individuals’ timelines. Next, time needs to be spent identifying what each member sees as their short-, medium- and long-term goals. Finally, recap what has been covered in this session.