Session 7 – Lifestyle Changes after Brain Injury

This is the last session that will be based on the spider diagram format. As with the previous three sessions, its emphasis is on encouraging members to identify changes in their lifestyle the brain injury will have caused. The aim is to help members understand how the brain injury will have affected their lifestyles, help them to recognise the feelings they have about these changes and to facilitate the discovery of coping strategies for both the changes and the emotions.

On the flip-chart write ‘Lifestyle Changes’ in the centre. Ask the members to identify changes they have experienced in their lifestyles since their brain injuries. Write on the flip-chart in a spider diagram format. Next, ask the group what they feel about these changes and what emotions they elicit. Write the responses in a different colour radiating out from the changes. Following this, discuss and write what has helped the group cope with these difficulties since their brain injury. Finally, at the bottom of the flip-chart, write any suggestions of who the members can turn to for help and advice. Recap the session at the end.