Peruvian architect Sandra Barclay is the co-founder of Barclay & Crousse and the recipient of numerous awards, including Woman Architect of the Year at the Women in Architecture Awards in 2018. Set in Peru’s dry northern savannah, the campus building combines classrooms and lecture theatres connected by open, shaded spaces. Argentinian architects Micaela Casoy and Paula De Falco are founding partners of Buenos Aires-based Octava Arquitectura, a studio that has quickly gained wider recognition since its inception in 2014. The way Octava works involves constant contact with clients and collaborators. As co-founders of Colombian architectural studio Ctrl G, Catalina Patiño and Viviana Peña work together on public educational and cultural projects as well as on their own smaller, private projects. Pezo von Ellrichshausen has remained deliberately intimate, working only on a couple of buildings at a time.