In 2005, Malaysian-based architect Eleena Jamil established her practice in Kuala Lumpur, developing buildings rooted in context – in terms of climate, culture and local community. Jamil’s work is attentive to the social and climatic imperatives of each brief within a broader cultural framework. In the early years, she worked on extensions and single-family dwellings. It is dedicated to passive design strategies and pleasurable experiences. Patama Roonrakwit is a Thai architect whose core ideal of community architecture has led to the development of tools and systems to improve underprivileged communities across Southeast Asia for over 20 years. Indonesian architect Daliana Suryawinata founded SHAU Rotterdam-Bandung together with Professor Florian Heinzelmann to pursue a cultural-environmental agenda for architecture. Overall, Ngôn believes that architects need to make sure that they use technology in appropriate ways to create environmentally responsible architecture.