Vedina Babahmetovic is an architect with over 30 years of experience. Babahmetovic’s approach to making architecture is initially characterised by the ‘simultaneous struggle between function, location, volume, colour, texture and aesthetics’. The gallery acted as a way of reappropriating the space for communal, public use. For over a decade, Catalan architect, urbanist and researcher Nerea Amoros Elorduy has worked on projects that aim to improve living conditions for vulnerable populations in East Africa. Much of Elorduy’s learning from working with young children and refugees in East Africa has been compiled in a freely available book called Architecture as a Way of Seeing and Learning that aims to inform young designers and prompt more regional research into the long-term refugee camps. The architecture that Roth & Cerina produce is most often located within the public realm. Torzo’s approach begins with the close observation and analysis of context – including that which has ‘survived’ over time –before contemplating how to build.